Current Promotions & Offers at Conlin Dentistry Oshawa!

New Patient Referrals

Receptionist Receiving Card From Patient In Dentist Clinic

At Conlin Dentistry we really appreciate your referral of our office to a friend or family member. If you know someone who is looking for a dentist, please have them contact us at 905 576 8222 to book an appointment. We appreciate your confidence in our dental team.

Deals on Whitening 

individual tooth tray for whitening and toothbrushes

We provide a special discounts on whitening this summer  with your exam and dental cleaning to ensure your smile continues to shine nice and bright! For further details about this offer simply call us at 905 576 8222 we look forward to hearing from you.

Sports Guards 

Sports Guards

$40 for a custom-fitted sports guard. A sports guard is a resilient device or appliance placed inside the mouth to reduce injuries particularly to the teeth and surrounding structures. Health Canada and the Ontario Dental Association recommend the use of mouthguard in contact sports or when engaged in aggressive activities. Mouthguards not only protect teeth but also prevent serious injuries from direct and indirect impact.

It must fit accurately, stay in position during impact, and redistribute the impact’s energy. Custom made sports guards are most comfortable, non bulky and form-fitting. They are fabricated from a cast model that is prepared after taking your impression and hence provide the best fit, protection and comfort. They do not interfere with speech or breathing.