Taking care of your teeth is a lifelong commitment, by following proper Preventative Dentistry practices, there is no reason you should not keep “good oral health-for life.”

Preventative Dentistry: A modernized approach to dentistry that aims to decrease the amount of dental treatment you need over time.

The Preventative Dentistry Processa dentist showing a toothbrush

  1. Your dentist will assess your teeth and gums
  2. The dentist and yourself will create a plan of action
  3. You will be advised on brushing, flossing, diet and more
  4. They will plan your dentist’s visits with you

If your teeth have been previously damaged, the dentist will create a treatment plan for you. The damage to your teeth may be treated right away with fillings, crowns and more.

The two primary causes of tooth loss is decay and gum disease, caused by bacteria in the mouth. Through proper dental hygiene practices, these oral problems can be prevented or reduced.

Other methods of Preventive Dentistry include:

  • Application of dental sealants
  • Exposure to fluoride (fluoride water, toothpaste, mouthwash)
  • Dental X-Rays (helps identify deeper oral hygiene issues)

Regular visits to the dentist include:

  • Dental hygienist removes plaque from your teeth
  • Apply dental Sealants or Fluoride to help protect the teeth
  • Refer brushing and flossing techniques
  • Offer any advice about your oral hygiene you may have

At Conlin Dentistry, we provide the utmost professional Preventative Dentistry practices as we realize that, oral hygiene is especially important for the well-being and overall good health of our patients.

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