The qualified Conlin Dentistry team provides sedation dentistry solutions for the Durham Region at our state-of-the-art Oshawa facility. With over a decade of combined dental experience, our team is confident in its ability to assuage your dental phobias while providing the care you need. We offer many levels of sedation to accommodate any circumstance.

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Sedation Dentistry – A Stress-Free Solution for your Oral Health

sedation dentistry2The Conlin Dentistry team appreciates the fact that many people approach their visit to our Oshawa offices with some anxiety and apprehension. The problem is not with our state of the art facilities, but rather with dentistry as a whole – dental phobia is a real problem that people struggle with every day! Whether it is caused by a bad childhood experience, an irrational thought, or a fear of the unknown, we take your concerns seriously. We believe in total transparency, and will work hard to give you an easy and comfortable experience from your first phone call to your final treatment!

At Conlin Dentistry, we commit ourselves to helping Oshawa residents achieve better oral health through a holistic approach to dentistry. This means that our investment in your dental care goes beyond what happens during your office appointment; as well as providing relevant dietary advice and home-care technique tips, our comprehensive approach aims to give you peace of mind as well. We have outfitted our Oshawa office with cutting-edge sedation dentistry technologies to dissolve any anxiety or negative association that clients may harbour about their upcoming dental treatment. We care about you, and aim to send you home with a healthy mind, healthy body, and healthy mouth!

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry uses medication or gas to relax patients during dental procedures. Patients typically remain conscious, with the exception being those who require general anesthesia. Sleep dentistry has helped many patients overcome the barriers erected by the anxiety they associate with dental procedures. In this way, sedation dentistry is an excellent way for dental-phobic patients to optimize their oral health.

Sedation dentistry uses a number of different levels of sedatives, including:

  • Inhaled (minimal) sedation – The patient breaths nitrous oxide (laughing gas) through a mask placed over the nose. The gas helps the patient to relax, while also circumventing any concerns they may have about full sedation as the patient remains awake. Once the procedure is completed, the effect of the gas will wear off quickly – so fast, in fact, that you will be able to drive yourself home safely.
  • Oral sedation – Depending on the dose administered, oral sedation can range from minimal to moderate strength. We typically use medication from the same drug family as Valium, and give it to our patients one hour prior to their treatment. Once taken, this medication will make you feel sleepy and relaxed, without fully putting you under.
  • IV moderate sedation – Patients have this sedative administered through a vein to ensure rapid uptake. This method allows the anesthesiologist to adjust the level of sedation for the patient in real time as the dentist performs the procedure.
  • Deep sedation and general anesthesia – This tier of sedation will render the patient nearly or entirely unconscious throughout their procedure. Patients will enjoy a deep sleep that typically requires that the effect wear off or be reversed using medication to awaken.

We will consult with you to choose the appropriate level of sedation and to answer any questions you may have.

We use a local anesthesia at the site where we work to numb the area and make your treatment as comfortable as possible. In addition to our sedation dentistry services, our Oshawa offices are outfitted with ceiling-mounted televisions in all patient rooms to help put you at ease.

Call 905-576-8222 with any questions or concerns, or to book your sedation dentistry treatment in Oshawa.