Root Canal Treatment

Root canal therapy involves removing the infected or dead pulp or nerve from the tooth and cleaning the roots from the inside. The dentist fills the canal to prevent bacteria from getting into the tooth, and seals the hole in the tooth with filling material. Root canals help you to keep the tooth rather than having it pulled out and replaced. In certain circumstances, it is recommended that root canal teeth be protected by a crown. This is because after removing the nerve, the tooth is fragile and can easily fracture function.

The process can typically be summarized in six steps:

  1. The dentist gives you a local anesthetic to freeze the area.
  2. Your emergency dentist places a rubber dam around the tooth being treated to protect the treatment area from the bacteria in your saliva.
  3. An opening is made in the tooth so that your emergency dentist can reach the root canal system and affected pulp.
  4. Using very fine instruments, your emergency dentist cleans and enlarges the root canal system, removing the damaged pulp.
  5. The dentist fills and seals the canal once it has been fully cleaned.
  6. Finally, the opening of the tooth will be sealed with a temporary or permanent filling.