Technology @ Conlin

We have invested in the most up-to-date and modern technology at Conlin Dentistry, because we care about the environment and your comfort and convenience.

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Digital X-rays

X-rays are an important part of early detection and proper diagnosis. We use digital x-rays which exposes patients to 70-90% less radiation than traditional dental x-rays. In addition, digital x-rays do not generate chemical waste that is harmful to the environment.

Paperless Record Keeping

Our patient charts are electronic. This means that our patient dental records, x-rays, digital photos and other items relating to each patient’s care are kept only in digital format. This saves a tremendous amount of paper and has the additional benefits of being safer (e.g. because the records are replicable in the event of theft, fire, vandalism and natural disasters), legible, sanitary, quickly accessible by authorized staff and yet, also secure due to modern encryption technologies.

Dry Vacuum

Dentists use vacuums to suck out saliva and fluids from your mouth in order to improve visibility during procedures and to keep your mouth clean. Traditionally, dentists have used wet vacuums that operate using water which, when operated all day long, use significant amounts of water. At Conlin Dentistry, we use a dry dental vacuum system. The dry vacuum has all the same benefits and purposes of the wet vacuum, with the added benefits that it uses no water and it is much more energy efficient in its operation.

Intraoral Camera

This helps us to see inside your mouth and take pictures. This way, you can make informed deciions about your treatment plan.

LED Chairside Lights

Available in all operatories. The lights are mercury-free, use 70% less energy than traditional halogen operatory lights, and lasts 10 times longer than traditional lights.  They also do not generate heat, thus overall saving energy and generating less waste.

LED or Florescent Lights

All our light fixtures at the office use either LED or fluorescent lighting. They use less energy, last longer and generate less heat than traditional halogen or incandescent lights.

Steam Sterilization

We use steam rather than chemicals to sterilize all equipment.

Eco Friendly Cleaning

Cleaning supplies are all earth friendly and will not harm our environment.

Electronic Communications

Appointment reminders and patient communications are delivered electronically wherever possible, in order to reduce paper and waste.

Infection Control

We use state of the art sterilization techniques where instruments are soaked in an enzymatic cleaner for removal of proteinaceous soils. Then they are washed in a Hydrim washer - this is a medical-grade, high volume, high pressure washer that cleans with water and detergent for one hour, reaches 90ºC for 10 minutes, and offers 99.9% microbial reduction alone. Steam sterilizers (autoclaves) are then used as a second pass. They are monitored for effectiveness using thermal indicator tape, in-house biological spore tests, and monitoring and logging of the pressure, time and temperature of every autoclave cycle to ensure reliability.

With this sterilization process we can positively ensure that all of our instruments are sterilized to the highest standards, assuring your safety at our clinic!