Bridging Gaps between Your Teeth in the Role of Dental Bridges

Bridging Gaps between Your Teeth in the Role of Dental Bridges

Oct 01, 2020

The dentist in Oshawa, ON, understands the importance of replacing missing teeth with restorations that appear beautiful and feel comfortable. One option for replacing missing teeth that have stood the test of time is a tooth Bridge.

If you have missing teeth, this dentist can bridge the gaps in your smile with dental bridges. Dental bridges are false teeth called pontics held in place by abutments on both sides of the void left by the missing teeth. Pontics are made from different materials like gold, but generally, porcelain is the preferred material because it aesthetically blends with your natural teeth.

Dental bridges replace missing teeth with a specially fabricated crown. The crown is suspended in the vacant space left by the missing tooth. It is held in place with other crowns that are anchored to the adjacent teeth. The bridge is fixed securely in place to ensure it doesn’t move or shift.

Types of Dental bridges you can have

You can have different types of dental bridges suitable for your unique requirements after consulting dental bridges in Oshawa, ON. Some of your options are mentioned below:

If you have lost front teeth and have natural teeth on both sides of the gap, you can have a traditional dental bridge. This variety is the most popular, and the dentist will recommend you have a porcelain dental bridge for front teeth. A conventional dental bridge has a false tooth or teeth held in place by dental crowns that are bonded to the adjacent teeth.

If you do not have adjacent teeth on both sides of the gap, you are offered a cantilever dental bridge held by a dental crown and is bonded to just one abutment tooth.

You could be a candidate for a Maryland dental bridge, which is similar to traditional dental bridges and use the two national teeth on either side of the gap. However, Maryland bridges use a metal framework, either made from metal or porcelain anchored to the back of the abutment teeth.

The Benefits of Dental Bridges

The procedure for having dental bridges isn’t intensive and is completed in a couple of weeks. These restorations are relatively inexpensive compared to dental implants, and many dental insurers offer partial coverage for dental bridges. Bridges won’t move when speaking or eating and are custom-made to blend naturally with your existing teeth. Bridges can prevent your existing teeth from shifting towards the gap and help you to preserve the alignment of your bite. Best of all, bridges all of you to choose foods with ease.

When Or Why Would You Need a Dental Bridge?

You can be affected in various ways when you have one more missing teeth. Dental bridges can address the changes by helping you to:

  • Restore your smile.
  • Restore your ability to chew correctly and maintain your facial appearance.
  • Restore your speech and pronunciation.
  • Prevent your existing teeth from moving out of position and readjusting your bite to distribute the forces of chewing correctly.

What Are the Costs of Dental Bridges?

Many variables can affect the prices of dental bridges, including the following:

  • The number of teeth needed to bridge the gap.
  • Your geographic location.
  • The material used for the fabrication of dental bridges like composite resin, metal alloy covered in resin or zirconia.
  • Treatments for any dental issues like gum disease.
  • The difficulty or complexity of the placement.

The prices of the bridges will also vary depending on the type you have selected.

  • Traditional and cantilever bridges cost approximately $ 2000-$ 5000 for a Pontic and a crown for every abutment tooth.
  • Maryland bridges will cost approximately $ 1500-$ 2500 for one Pontic with the framework attached to the abutment teeth.
  • If you decide to have an implant-supported bridge, which is the most durable, the cost would be $ 5000-$ 15,000 for a bridge with two dental implants to cover three to four teeth.

When you miss a tooth or teeth, you can discuss various replacement options with the dentist in Oshawa, ON. Dental bridges have many benefits, but there are many factors you must consider, including the costs before you decide on having them.

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