Cosmetic Dentistry: Comprehensive Guide for Patients

Cosmetic Dentistry: Comprehensive Guide for Patients

Dec 01, 2022

Do you wish you had the radiant smile everyone around you displays, making you feel ashamed of yourself? If you are not confident with the appearance of your teeth, you can seek help from the cosmetic dental clinic near you to help you correct any dental flaws with your teeth to make them appear beautiful and complement your smile.

Beautiful smiles help project you are a healthy, youthful, and sincere individual with success. There are many techniques to shape and sculpt your smile to leave you pleased with the appearance of your smile and your looks.

You might need different cosmetic dental procedures to correct your dental imperfections to help you display a beautiful smile. Unfortunately, you will not succeed with your goal unless you visit cosmetic dentistry in Oshawa, ON, to examine your teeth and discuss your plans.

Aesthetic Options for Improving Your Smile

When changing the appearance of your teeth, the cosmetic dentist considers the defects affecting your teeth and suggests a suitable remedy to ensure satisfaction with the results. Whether you have discoloured, chipped or broken, or misshapen teeth, you receive a proper evaluation by the dentist, who suggests one or more therapies for improvement.

For example, cosmetic dentistry isn’t merely about making your teeth appear brighter. Cosmetic dentists also receive training in caring for your dental and oral health and suggest treatments that you might require to complement your smile. For example, if you have missing teeth in the anterior region of your mouth, cosmetic remedies like teeth whitening will not help because of tooth loss. In such situations, cosmetic dentists suggest you have the missing teeth replaced with dental implants or bridges before considering any cosmetic treatment.

Similarly, if you have minor defects with a couple of your teeth, such as chipped or broken teeth, discoloration, or unevenness and gaps, dentists recommend composite bonding teeth or dental veneers to improve their looks to help them complement your smile. While getting your teeth bonded is conservative and requires 30 to 60 minutes with the dentist, dental veneers take more time because they are customized for your teeth from external laboratories. Therefore you must set aside time for dental visits when considering cosmetic dentistry procedures for smile enhancements.

Selecting the Proper Procedure

When visiting the Oshawa cosmetic dentist, you must start with a discussion about your aesthetic goals and the results you expect. You might require merely teeth whitening if you don’t have significant problems with your teeth. The dentist reviews many options after examining your teeth to help you select the proper procedure.

The dentist evaluates your teeth to determine whether you have underlying conditions that need treatment before receiving any cosmetic dentistry procedure. They create a customized treatment plan for your needs after considering your aesthetic goals, budget, and the time you can devote to the treatment. In addition, the dentist also creates a digital model of your smile to help you visualize your treatment results. You can start the process after the eventual results are identified, noticing how your smile will change after receiving the therapy.

Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry has many benefits that help transform your teeth and smile and improve your overall health. For example, if you have gapped teeth besides crowding and crooked teeth and you select dental veneers to hide the imperfections, the dentist suggests orthodontic treatments as a better solution to improve your smile.

Orthodontic treatments, besides closing gaps, eliminating crowding and straightening crooked teeth, also prevent dental infections in your mouth by helping you clean your teeth appropriately instead of leaving food particles and dental plaque remaining on them to become a victim of dental conditions. However, if you have one crooked tooth and minor gaps between your teeth, the dentist doesn’t mind providing dental veneers as a remedy to correct the situation.

Every cosmetic dentistry procedure is personalized according to your needs and not offered merely because you visit the dentist in Oshawa, ON with complaints about the appearance of your smile. The dentists also emphasize maintaining excellent dental hygiene practices by brushing your teeth twice daily, flossing once and getting twice yearly oral prophylaxis to ensure your teeth remain in optimal shape and continue complementing your smile as best as possible.

If you think cosmetic dentistry can help benefit your smile Conlin Dentistry provides various treatments to help, you achieve your goal. A consultation with this practice makes it convenient for you to determine which aesthetic dentistry procedure suits your needs and receive it as soon as possible.

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