Dental Fillings and Why Are They Important

Dental Fillings and Why Are They Important

Feb 01, 2022

You maintain an excellent dental hygiene regimen brushing and flossing as recommended by your dentist in Oshawa, ON, and avoid between-meal snacks. However, when you visit your Oshawa dentist for routine exams, the professional surprises you with information that you have a cavity in your tooth. It confirms that you are powerless against tooth decay regardless of what you do.

The National Institute of Health has confirmed 78 percent of people are susceptible to developing a cavity by age 17 because of poor dental hygiene impacting tooth enamel. In addition, plaque and tooth decay create permanent damage in your teeth to leave holes in them, compromising their integrity. If your dentist recommends you have a cavity in your tooth, consider getting it filled promptly without delaying the treatment because it prevents the bacteria in your mouth from creating significant damage.

What Is the Significance of Dental Fillings?

If you have a cavity, the optimal way of treating them is the tooth filling treatment. Depending on which tooth is affected, your dentist offers you metal, porcelain or composite resin fillings. Your dentist will assess the damage to your tooth to determine which filling material is most appropriate for you.

If you have a cavity on the molars, the dentist recommends silver amalgam fillings that are durable and affordable. However, they withstand the higher pressures of biting from the molars and are best suited for teeth in your mouth not visible when you smile.

Filling your tooth gains significance because the filling material prevents the bacteria from creating additional damage to make you susceptible to advanced treatments at considerable expenditure. The aim of getting dental fillings is to restrict further damage to your tooth to prevent extraction in some situations.

The Dental Filling Procedure

The dental filling procedure is not fearsome and is completed by the Oshawa dentist within the hour, depending on which filling material you choose and the extent of the damage. However, you must undergo the decay removal process that needs local anesthesia and drilling of your tooth. The dentist ensures you don’t feel anything with aesthetics and completes removing the tooth decay. After that, they clean the hollow space disinfecting it to eliminate bacteria and debris to prepare it for the filling.

If you have chosen gold metal fillings, you may have to return to the dentist for another appointment and manage the cavity in your mouth with a temporary filling. This is because gold fillings are fabricated in a dental laboratory and require at least two meetings to fit in your tooth. However, if you have selected affordable silver amalgam fillings, the dentist completes the procedure immediately after cleaning your tooth.

However, if you have a cavity on a visible tooth, you receive tooth-colored composite dental fillings to ensure these fillings do not impact your appearance. Tooth-colored fillings are more expensive than silver amalgam and do not have similar durability. However, they are ideal for the front teeth, usually visible when you smile.

Why Mustn’t You Ignore Dental Fillings?

If you are recommended dental fillings in Oshawa, ON, we suggest you do not ignore the suggestion or delay the treatment for the following reasons.

Fillings Decrease the Chances of Tooth Decay

When dental fillings help treat cavities, the material minimizes the damage created by the hole. Fillings prevent the bacteria from penetrating into the nerve endings of the tooth, addressing the problem in its initial stages. The filling functions as a protective mechanism to prevent the spread of the infection.

Helps You Retain Natural Appearance

Concerns bothering many people when undergoing filling procedures are usually centred on the potential effect of fillings on their appearance. Fortunately, tooth-coloured filling material camouflages itself perfectly with the rest of your teeth. Therefore, if you receive fillings from an experienced dentist, you can rest assured that they will not impact your appearance but give you the perfect look besides preventing tooth decay.

You can also have composite teeth fillings on molars if you wish so long as you realize they are likely to wear down faster and need replacements every five to seven years instead of ten or 15 years that silver amalgam offers. Therefore you help yourself by seeking the advice of your dentist in Oshawa, ON to provide superior fillings according to the location of the cavity with guaranteed results.

If you need dental fillings for cavities and are concerned about your appearance, please schedule an appointment with Conlin Dentistry to receive quality fillings with guaranteed results.

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