Dentures What Are They and How Do I Take Care of Them?

Dentures What Are They and How Do I Take Care of Them?

Nov 01, 2022

Over the years, dentures have been used in restorative dentistry to replace multiple missing teeth. Partials & Dentures in Oshawa, ON can improve one’s smile and maintain mouth structure. They will improve your eating habits and self-esteem and prevent your face from sagging. In addition, dentures are also used in replacing teeth, causing pain and oral complications such as rooting tooth roots. Even though we think that only senior citizens require dentures, anyone could end up needing them. Remove any doubt you might have about dentures if you require them.

What are Dentures

Dentures are fake teeth and gums used to replace missing teeth. There are full or partial dentures. Partial dentures are used when a few teeth are missing, while complete dentures are used when all the teeth are missing. Dentures are custom-made to fit your mouth and blend in with the existing teeth. They can be made of metal, nylon, or hard resin materials. Visit our Colin Dentistry and work with our experts to get the best-fit dentures.

Types of Dentures

The following are types of dentures available at our general dentistry nearby in Oshawa.

Full Dentures

Complete dentures can be either conventional or immediate. Immediate dentures are made in advance and are positioned as soon as the tooth has been extracted. Conventional dentures are placed eight to 12 weeks after tooth extraction. However, immediate dentures will require more adjustments compared to conventional dentures. This is because bone and gums shrink with time, especially during healing. Usually, immediate dentures are considered a temporary solution until traditional dentures are made.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures consist of false teeth attached to a gum-colored plastic base. The base is connected to a metal framework that holds the denture. Fortunately, if you do not want a metal framework, other materials can be used. These are options you can discuss with your dentist in Oshawa, ON. Dentists usually recommend partial dentures when one has one or more natural teeth. The partial dentures replace teeth by fixing crowns on the teeth existing on either side of the tooth gap to attach the artificial teeth. Partial dentures are removable and have internal attachments which attach to the adjacent crowns. These types of dentures don’t only fill in the missing teeth but also prevent the remaining teeth from shifting. Contact our experts for more information about partials & dentures in Oshawa, ON.

How to Take Care of Dentures

Our mouths are never short of bacteria, so we must care for dentures properly. Dentures require regular cleaning. Despite them being artificial teeth, tartar, plaque, and bacteria can build up on dentures and harm your gums and existing teeth. Below are tips on how to take care of your dentures.

  • Handle your dentures carefully when cleaning to prevent them from damaging. Hold them gently so that the plastics or the clasps don’t bend.
  • Remove and rinse the dentures after every meal. To remove food particles and debris, run water over the dentures. Ensure you put a clean towel or cloth on the sink or counter to prevent the dentures from breaking if you accidentally drop them.
  • Take the dentures off when going to bed and soak them overnight. Taking off the dentures every night will allow your mouth tissues to recover. If your dentures have metal clasps, soak them in warm water or a special denture cleanser to prevent bacteria.
  • If you use a denture-soaking solution overnight, rinse your dentures properly in the morning. The soaking solution could have harmful chemicals that can cause vomiting, pain, or burn when swallowed.
  • Make a habit of brushing your dentures daily using a soft-bristled brush. Use warm water to brush the denture in circular motions, carefully focusing on every area.
  • Schedule dental checkups with your dentist in Oshawa, ON to have your dentures examined and professionally cleaned.
  • Take care of your mouth. Keeping your gums clean and healthy is important for your general health and ensuring that your dentures fit. Although you may not have any teeth, maintain the habit of brushing your tongue, gums, and the floors of your mouth to remove bacteria.
  • Avoid using abrasive cleaning materials such as stiff-bristled toothbrushes, harsh toothpaste, or mouthwashes.
  • Restrain from making tugging motions when chewing. We understand it takes time to get used to them, but using them correctly is important. Also, don’t take large portions of food when biting.

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