Emergency Dentistry Explained

Emergency Dentistry Explained

Sep 15, 2021

Good oral health positively impacts your general health. It is therefore wise to have all oral health concerns checked out as soon as possible. However, some oral issues require immediate attention and this may not be enough notice to see your general dentist. If this happens, then you are experiencing a dental emergency. At this point you cannot afford to delay treatment or else you may suffer permanent damage or risk undergoing more complex and costly procedures to solve the problem. Your quality of life also deteriorates as you deal with the pain and discomfort associated with the particular dental emergency.

What is Emergency Dentistry?

For most people, a visit to the Oshawa dentist is often planned. It could be just to get your regular dental exams and cleanings or to have a scheduled treatment or procedure performed. However, there are instances where you may need to see an Oshawa dentist without planning. Emergency Dentistry in Oshawa, Ontario are practices that are operate beyond office hours and take in patients without appointments for dental treatments. The idea is that patients can get much needed dental services at any time of the day without having to wait for long.

Conlin Dentistry offers emergency dental care in Oshawa. We provide patients with treatments and procedures that specifically aim to resolve urgent oral problems. Often, you will require our services after a fall or accident, due to sports injuries and after a flare up of an existing problem. Our services help to relive you from pain and prevent greater damage to the teeth or gums. Being that we are equipped and trained to provide urgent dental care, we provide effective same-day services for your convenience.

Types of Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies vary in severity. However, for a condition to be classified as an emergency, you need to be exhibiting symptoms that could negatively affect your oral and general health. In some cases, it may not be absolutely clear whether you are experiencing an emergency or it is a condition that can wait for you to see a general dentist. either way, if you suspect that it could be a situation needing the intervention of an emergency dentist, it does not hurt to have it checked out. Some of the commonly experienced dental emergencies include:

Knocked-Out or Displaced Teeth – There is a good reason why dentists insist on keeping your natural teeth. So, if you have lost your tooth or loosened it due to trauma, getting immediate dental healthcare can help you get to keep the tooth. You have a high chance of successfully re-inserting a knocked out tooth if you get help within the first hour.

Excessive Bleeding – Bleeding could be due to gum disease or an injury to the soft tissues of the mouth. If after a couple of attempts the bleeding does not stop or reduce. Get to see an emergency dentist immediately.

Extreme Tooth Pain – If you experience tooth pain that does not abate in 1 or 2 days despite taking remedies, then this could be an indication of a deeper underlying problem such as cavities or a tooth infection. At this point you should visit an emergency dental clinic to have the cause established and receive appropriate treatment.

Tooth Abscess – This is a pocket of pus that forms around a tooth due to an infection. It qualifies as a dental emergency since if left untreated, it can spread to other parts of the body causing serious and sometimes even fatal effects.

Missing or Damaged Restorations – The goal of dental restorations is to improve the function, strength, and appearance of a damaged tooth. Therefore, immediately you notice or suspect that your restoration device is damaged or lost, it is important to see an Oshawa dentist immediately to avoid risking greater damage to your teeth. Additionally, walking around with a damaged device such as wired braces puts you at risk of injuries to the soft tissues in the mouth.

To find out more about dental emergency, book an appointment with us today to meet our dedicated and professional staff.

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