How Many Root Canals Do You Have in One Tooth?

How Many Root Canals Do You Have in One Tooth?

Apr 01, 2022

A root canal is a common endodontic treatment available today. It includes cleaning, tooth decay, and infection in the pulp chamber of the tooth. The pulp chamber is one of the essential parts of the tooth that accommodates blood vessels, connective tissues, and nerves.

When the pulp gets infected, it damages the whole tooth. It can even spread to the other areas of the teeth and mouth. A root canal helps save that tooth by killing the bacteria and eliminating the pulp.

Besides maintaining great oral health, this virtually painless process also helps to increase overall health by preventing poor oral health conditions.

These include diabetes, heart diseases, respiratory infections, etc. Dental professionals can repeat Root canals in Oshawa, ON on a single tooth twice or more times. However, successive treatments do not always make sense. Let us find out if you can have a root canal on more than a single tooth or not.

Can this Endodontic Treatment be Repeated?

Although the dental expert can perform a second or third root canal treatment on one tooth, the outcome can be unpredictable. There are few cases where the root canal can fail.

Studies show that the treatment has an 86 to 96% success rate. But canal cleaning of a damaged or infected tooth can be challenging. If the dentist in Oshawa, ON fails to remove the infected pulp deeply, the infection can flare up later on.

Although the expert uses small dental instruments, it can be tough to reach the angled canals for infection removal. Re-root canal treatment has a 50 to 75% success rate. A second root canal treatment might not work if the person had the treatment done earlier.

How Do You Know Whether You Require Another Root Canal?

Not every tooth is similar. A molar tooth consists of three canals. But in some cases, a tooth can have a hidden fourth canal. Highly angled canals are usually rare.

But when they occur, the chances of repeating root canal treatment increase. This situation makes it hard for even an experienced dental expert to clean the infected pulp.

When this happens, it results in pain because of the spread of the infection. If the pain continues, revisit the dentist in Oshawa, ON to examine your tooth deeply. The expert may treat it or refer your case to an endodontist. It specializes in the root canal.

What Can You Expect During Root Canal Retreatment?

Firstly, the endodontist takes the CBCT (3D X-rays) of the tooth. CBCT lets the specialist examine the tooth from all angles to diagnose bone loss, canal anatomy not fixed in first endodontic therapy, and other factors.

In some cases, endodontists also look at the tooth to find the real cause that prevented the healing of the original root canal. Root canal retreatment includes eliminating the real contents of the canals and crowns. It also includes examining the internal root structure left.

If the experienced endodontist finds any canal missing, the expert addresses it immediately. If the specialist finds a fracture on the tooth, then he/she suggests tooth pulling.

Once the canal gets rid of filling material, the endodontist disinfects and adds an antibacterial paste to the tooth. Then, the expert leaves the paste in the tooth for a few weeks until there are no signs of infection. Now, the endodontist gives some time for proper healing of the tooth.

Why Do I Require a Second Root Canal?

The endodontist performs the first root canal treatment when the soft tissue in your tooth interior is damaged. Although the specialist eliminates and replaces the destroyed pulp with the filling of root canals, a tiny part of the tooth may be alive there. It leads to further issues like swelling, toothache, inflammation, cyst, etc.

Discover Root Canals in Oshawa, ON Today

A healthy individual can have multiple root canal treatments. They will never become a problem for them. Get the benefits of a professional root canal treatment at Conlin Dentistry If your tooth pulp is infected badly.

Our dental clinic in Oshawa, ON offers a full range of dental services to help you and your family members maintain healthy and strong teeth for longer. To know about any service, please get in touch with the dental expert at our clinic immediately.

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