How to Determine Whether You Need a Tooth Filling?

How to Determine Whether You Need a Tooth Filling?

Sep 01, 2022

Determining whether you need fillers for a cavity is not always obvious. Cavities can develop on your teeth, remaining hidden out of view on your back teeth and staying unnoticeable in the posterior region of the mouth. Therefore, you think of scheduling a dental appointment only after you develop a toothache, the most common indicator telling you that you might need tooth fillings.

Dental visits scare 30 percent of the population, and getting dental fillings near you is not a process favored by many. Unfortunately, fillings are the most common dental process, with 92 percent of Canadian adults having cavities on their permanent teeth. Fillings are essential to restore a tooth after mouth bacteria have created permanent damage by eroding tooth enamel. Teeth decay doesn’t have any mechanism to repair itself but can expand until it needs extensive procedures with dental crowns to restore the tooth or extraction to prevent the infection from spreading to the jawbone.

Apparent Signs of Needing Dental Fillings


A toothache is the most obvious indicator that you might need dental fillings on a permanently damaged tooth. If your Oshawa dentist discovers early decay in the tooth, they might restore it or even try to reverse the decline by providing fluoride treatments, et cetera. Unfortunately, if you also have tooth sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures and the damage is severe, you might need procedures like a root canal and a dental cap. However, if you experience unexplained throbbing pain in a tooth, the optimal technique to determine whether you need dental fillings is to visit your dentist for an exam, especially if the discomfort hits you when chewing and biting.

Visible Indicators of Needing Dental Fillings

If you keep a watch over your teeth and are accustomed to performing a self-evaluation every morning, you can look for visible signs that indicate you might need dental fillings in Oshawa, ON, as soon as possible. You can also keep an eye on the apparent signs that indicate a damaged tooth in your mouth needs repair.

Observing dark spots on your teeth or holes that are visible, food getting trapped in a specific tooth, dental floss tearing off in an area, broken or lost fillings, and rough, chipped, and broken teeth always require repair at the earliest from the dentist nearby to prevent additional damage from occurring.

Holes from tooth decay are not the only reason you might need fillers, although they are the most common. Occasionally you might damage your teeth from impacts on your mood, causing fractures that are either painful or painless. In such cases, you must ensure you visit your dentist for an exam to determine whether your tooth needs fillings and receive them if recommended without exceptions.

What Happens When Getting Your Teeth Repaired?

Getting your teeth repaired is a straightforward procedure requiring merely one visit to your dentist if you want direct fillings in the tooth. In contrast, if you prefer indirect fillings like inlays & Onlays fabricated in a dental laboratory, you might require two visits to the dentist’s office.

When you arrive for your appointment to receive dental fillings, your dentist numbs the affected tooth and surrounding gums to ensure you don’t feel discomfort when removing tooth decay. Dental instruments such as drills and probes help the dentist drill your tooth to remove decay besides cleaning and disinfecting hollow space to prepare it for a filling of your choice.

Dentist in Oshawa, ON recommends silver amalgam fillings if your cavity is on the back teeth or tooth-colored composite resin fillings if the holes are on or between your front teeth. Silver fillings are not aesthetically pleasing but are the most durable and long-lasting. The fillings also sustain the pressures of chewing and biting when placed on the molars. You can prefer tooth-colored fillings on your molars if needed, remembering that they need replacements every five to seven years and are more expensive than silver amalgam fillings. Tooth-colored fillings are appropriate for your front teeth, where they remain indistinguishable from your natural teeth because of their appearance.

While you have the freedom to select the filler you feel is best for your requirements, we suggest you adhere to your dentist’s advice for excellent results.

Dental fillings help dentists restore permanent damage to the teeth from cavities, enamel damage from craze lines, chips and cracks, and other damages sustained by your teeth before they assume significant proportions by allowing your mouth bacteria to penetrate them. In addition, not every filling procedure requires anesthesia or drilling to confirm a dental visit becomes essential if you suspect your tooth is aching because you might have a cavity or have suffered an impact on your mouth from falls or accidents.

Conlin Dentistry provides dental fillings for all tooth damage with various filling materials, including silver amalgam, gold, composite resin, and porcelain. Kindly do not hesitate to contact this facility if you suspect you need dental fillers.

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