Dental Exams and Cleanings

Dental Exams and Cleanings in Oshawa, ON

Although it may take some effort to reorganize your schedule to incorporate a dental exam, it’s much better to get problems highlighted early. An hour spent at the dentist in Oshawa, ON twice in a year may help stave off pain and discomfort at a later stage and improve your oral health.

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Why Exams and Cleanings Are Important

Despite regular brushing and flossing, our teeth require professional cleaning once every six months to remove plaque and tartar. Common locations for tartar include the backs of the teeth and between teeth where the toothbrush cannot reach. Dental Exams are a critical part of preventative health care that allows for early intervention.

Dental exams and Cleanings in Oshawa, ON are not only important for oral health but also for overall wellbeing. Many systemic diseases like lupus, diabetes, and arthritis show up in the oral cavity first, and your Oshawa dentist is able to draw your attention to signs. In the case of cavities, wear and tear of teeth, or gum disease, the dentist will suggest further tests or recommend a suitable solution.

What You Can Expect During Exams and Cleanings

Your dentist in Oshawa, ON will examine you for a number of problems during a routine checkup. He or she will:

  • Evaluate your risks for tooth decay, infection and gum disease
  • Evaluate missing teeth and suggest suitable restorations like crowns, bridges or implants
  • Check your jaw and teeth for bite and jaw problems
  • Take X-rays or other diagnostic procedures if required

Once the exam is over, the hygienist is likely to take over to perform the teeth cleaning. We remove all stains, plaque, and tartar and polish your teeth if you want. Our team will use handheld instruments to deep-clean the areas between teeth and between the teeth and gumline.

It’s natural to experience a little sensitivity during cleaning. To help patients who experience this, we apply a local numbing gel to keep you feeling relaxed. Contact Conlin Dentistry in Oshawa, ON for dental exams and teeth cleaning near you.

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