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Dental Implants

Dental Implants in Oshawa, ON

At Conlin Dentistry, we create high-quality dental implants near you designed to replace missing teeth and help our patients avoid numerous oral health problems. Our oshawa dentist have years of experience successfully installing dental implants and will make the process as smooth as possible.

What Is a Dental Implant?

Dental implants are some of the simplest yet most effective technology currently available to modern dentist in Oshawa, ON. They are essentially synthetic teeth composed of two pieces: a durable titanium root and a composite resin or porcelain crown.

To install an implant, the root is inserted down through the gums and directly into the jawbone. The base is a screw that sits comfortably in the jaw. Over time, the bone will grow around it and help secure the root and prevent shifting or movement. The crown can then be installed on top of the root and will sit on top of the gum line.

The Benefits

Implants may sound intimidating because they are inserted into the bone, but they are actually one of the safest and most beneficial options for patients suffering from permanent tooth loss. The implant helps prevent a variety of oral health problems like dental decay, gum disease, the thinning of the jawbone, and even partial facial collapse.

An implant is also useful for the wearer. With the synthetic tooth in place, our patients are able to bite, eat, and chew like normal. They further get to avoid the stigma of missing teeth, which are often associated with neglect and poor oral health and hygiene.

Who Can Wear One?

At Conlin Dentistry, we want to help as many of our patients as possible enjoy the benefits of the dental implant. The basic requirements are a missing tooth, healthy gums, and a thick enough jawbone. If you are struggling with your oral health or have a thinning jawbone, our staff will create a custom treatment plan to prepare you for an implant.

If you need a dental implant installed or repaired near you, schedule an appointment today to see us at Conlin Dentistry in Oshawa, ON.

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