Emergency Dentistry

Emergency Dentistry in Oshawa, ON

Conlin Dentistry is proud to be available to you and your family in Oshawa, ON to help you maintain the health of your teeth and gums. Routine exams, cleanings, and oral hygiene education are a few of the services we happily provide to ensure that you enjoy oral health. Sometimes, however, incidents happen that we cannot plan for. In those cases, we are also available to provide emergency dentistry in Oshawa, ON to restore you to health.

What is a Dental Emergency?

A dental emergency is a situation concerning your teeth or gums that requires urgent treatment. In these cases of emergency, it is important to receive treatment promptly in order to prevent complications.

Emergency Dental Services Near You at Conlin Dentistry

An emergency can result from different situations, such as a sports injury, fall, or accident. In any case, we can provide the service you need to restore health to your mouth.

  • Crown or bridge treatment: Crowns and bridges are designed to be bonded permanently to the teeth, but they can be knocked loose or fractured. If this happens, your emergency dentist in Oshawa, ON can secure the fixture into place again or, if needed, have a new one made.
  • Root canal: If you have a cavity that you’ve neglected to get treated with a dental filling, it may have grown and reached the inner area of the tooth. When this happens, a filling is no longer sufficient, and you will require a root canal to restore health to the tooth and avoid the need for an extraction.
  • Broken or fractured teeth: Although the teeth are very strong, an injury or a fall could cause a break or fracture. Teeth sensitivity could result from these instances if the nerves become exposed. Your emergency dentist at our dental office in Oshawa, ON can promptly fix the tooth and restore its function and appearance.

Not all injuries to the tooth will be considered dental emergencies. If you are not in pain and there is no bleeding or swelling (such as with a chipped tooth), you can wait to get treatment until a more convenient time. Give our emergency dental clinic a call to determine whether you will need an emergency appointment.

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