Endodontics in Oshawa, ON

Most dentists send their patients to a specialist in endodontics, called an endodontist near you if they need root canals. However, some general dentists have the training to do root canals like our Oshawa dentist at Conlin Dentistry. Root canals are one of the most common procedures that our dentists perform within this specialty.

What Happens During a Root Canal?

If you have decay in the pulp area of a tooth, then you will need a root canal. Another reason you may need one is if your tooth broke down into the pulp or root. The pulp of the tooth is located inside it and contains the nerves and blood vessels.

If the area contains decay, then one of our dentists in Oshawa, ON will remove the pulp, including the nerves. To remove decay, dentists once had to use a drill to open the tooth. However, today our dentists use lasers to assist in doing root canals.

Lasers can quickly cut through soft tissues and bone and preserve more of the tooth than drills. Also, a laser can precisely remove decay, reducing the trauma to the tooth that files can cause. Lasers are also much quicker than drills and files, which reduces the time you need to be in the dentist’s chair.

Sealing the Tooth

Once our oshawa dentist at Conlin Dentistry removes the decay, he or she will pack the tooth with gutta-percha and temporarily seal it. He or she will then order a dental crown to replace your natural one. It takes about two to four weeks for a crown to return from the laboratory.

When the crown arrives at our dentist, you will go back in to get it permanently attached to the remainder of your tooth. After ensuring that the dental crowns fits well, the dentist will use dental cement to attach it. A blue light hardens the cement so that the tooth cannot fall out.

Although you might be nervous about having a root canal, new dental technology reduces the discomfort that people used to go through during this procedure. At Conlin Dentistry, we strive to be the best at doing root canals and other endodontic procedures in Oshawa, ON.

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