Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride Treatment in Oshawa, ON

Do you know how much fluoride is in the drinking water where you live? Most cities and towns have added fluoride in the drinking water to ensure teeth remain healthy. However, if you eat too many carbohydrates, especially foods with processed sugar or white flour, then your teeth can get cavities.

If there is evidence that fluoride is lacking in the water, our dentist in Oshawa, ON may prescribe a fluoride treatment for you and your child.

What Type of Fluoride does a Dentist Prescribe?

Oshawa Dentist have several types of fluoride products available for topical treatments or they may prescribe drops or tablets for children and adolescents. Some of these products are available without a prescription, but the concentration is weaker than what our oshawa dentist use at Conlin Dentistry in Oshawa, ON.

In the office, our dentists may brush varnish onto a child’s teeth or they can use gels or foams in trays that you hold in your mouth. Since the fluoride products in dentists’ offices have a higher concentration, it’s important to go into our offices to have our dentists administer the fluoride. Small children can accidentally ingest too much fluoride, which can cause fluorosis.

Many children only need fluoride treatments when they visit Conlin Dentistry every six months for their routine dental exams and cleanings. Some kids, as well as adults, may need more frequent treatments in Oshawa, ON. Some people may need treatments as frequently as every three months.

Taking Fluoride Treatments at Home

If you administer fluoride treatments at home, supervise small children so that they don’t take too much of the treatment. Taking too much fluoride for kids eight and younger can cause worsening problems with the appearance of their teeth.

Mild cases of fluorosis can cause white streaks or spots on their tooth enamel. As the exposure to fluoride worsens, then opaque white spots can spread from 25 to 50 percent of the surfaces of teeth. Bad cases of fluorosis are very noticeable because the spots on the teeth can look brown or black and cover the entire surfaces of your teeth.

The best way to prevent fluorosis is to supervise fluoride treatments taken by your kids or have it done by our dentist in Oshawa, ON at Conlin Dentistry.

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