Mouth Guards

Mouth Guards in Oshawa, ON

Dental appliances are pieces of equipment that perform a specific oral function. One of the most common varieties is the mouth guard to protect the teeth and jaws. If you need a mouthguard, come see us at Conlin Dentistry in Oshawa, ON. Our skilled oshawa dentist can create a personal model that fits perfectly.

What Are They?

A mouth guard is a literal guard for the mouth; a dental appliance meant to protect the teeth from destructive behaviors. This appliance typically only sits over the upper layer of teeth but continues to protect the bottom by stopping the jaws from slamming into one another. A mouth guard can be worn for many reasons, whether it be bruxism or playing contact football.

When someone is looking for a mouth guard, the most common materials available will be a type of flexible plastic or traditional rubber. The material needs to be light and have some give to it to fit around the jaw properly. At a location like Conlin Dentistry, our dentist in Oshawa, ON can create a custom mouth guard to suit your jaws and provide extra protection.

Who Needs One?

While most people associate mouth guards with sports, the most common recipient of the dental mouth guard is patients diagnosed with bruxism. Bruxism is a chronic condition characterized by the clenching of the jaws or grinding of the teeth. Over time, this behavior can lead to dental issues like cracking and chipping. If someone suffers from untreated bruxism for too long, they can cause severe damage to their teeth, leading to fractures, breaks, and even permanent tooth loss.

The Process

The first step to receiving a mouth guard is scheduling an appointment at our dental office in Oshawa, ON. Our oshawa dentist will inspect your mouth and listen to your concerns. If you need a mouth guard for a condition like bruxism, our dentist might insist on making an official diagnosis before beginning the process of making a mold.

First, our dentist will take x-rays of your jaws and teeth to see their natural alignment. Our dentist in Oshawa, ON will then make a mold of your natural bite using a soft material. The mold, in addition to the x-rays, will go to our dental lab. A personal mouth guard will be ready in as little as two weeks.

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