Pediatric Dentistry

Dentistry For Kids in Oshawa, ON

Children’s dentistry is a broad field that includes several procedures as well as services. You should find a kids dentist near you when your child gets their first tooth. At Conlin Dentistry in Oshawa, ON, we have years of experience seeing children from a very young age until they go to college.

We try to make the atmosphere of our clinic easy-going and relaxed. Understandably, many children don’t like going to the Oshawa dentist. Apart from our experience, training, and knowledge, making our Oshawa dental clinic friendly, so children are less anxious when they visit is one of our main priorities.

Preventive Care

At Conlin Dentistry, we place great emphasis on preventing dental caries and troubles. We’d rather keep a child’s teeth healthy than treat them after damage starts. Fortunately, we have many ways of doing this.

First of all, we recommend regular check-ups and cleanings. We can decide how frequently you should bring your child for check-ups when we see them and assess their dental condition. Cleanings are done during check-ups and consist of removing plaques from teeth.

Dental sealants are other popular procedures that we can perform. Hind teeth have grooves on them that bacteria can use to hide and replicate. We can use sealants to occlude these grooves, thereby decreasing the likelihood of dental caries. Adults can get them too, but they’re not as valuable as they are in children.


Children who suffer from any kind of dental damage need to get treatment before matters become worse. Our dentist in Oshawa, ON are very capable of treating cavities as well as other types of dental troubles. This also includes emergency dentistry.

If your child falls and chips a tooth, you need to bring them in as soon as possible. Even damage to baby teeth needs to be assessed. They’re temporary, but they still have value.

Childrens dentistry in Oshawa, ON is like general dentistry in many ways, but with a focus on different areas. For children to grow up to be healthy adults, they have to maintain healthy teeth from an early age. It’s important to encourage your children to brush and floss so they can continue to do so as they grow.

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