The Significant Role an Emergency Dentist Plays In Your Dental Care Plan

The Significant Role an Emergency Dentist Plays In Your Dental Care Plan

Jun 01, 2020

You probably have a trusted general dentist, who you visit every six months to get your scheduled dental checkup and routine dental cleaning.

While this is a brilliant thing to do, you must also keep in mind that your regular dentist may be unavailable or unreachable during your dental emergency.

Dental emergencies are practically unpredictable; this means they will most probably catch you off-guard. They can occur at an odd time of day or night, or even God forbid during the festive seasons.

Your dentist may be closed for the day or unavailable because of the festivities. At this point, you need to know where to go for immediate medical assistance.

It is essential to request your regular dentist to recommend an emergency dental clinic in Oshawa or urgent dental care near you, which you can go to during a dental emergency if they are unavailable.

It would help if you had the contacts of a trusted emergency dentist that you can reach out to during an emergency, for prompt and expertly delivered medical assistance.

Why Should You Have a Particular Emergency Dentist On Call?

Imagine this, you just had a terrible fall, and you realize that one of your teeth is knocked out due to the fall, and it happens to be on Thanksgiving, or your child got into a scramble during football practice, and he is complaining of a displaced tooth at 6 pm.

The first question that pops up in your mind is where you should go for treatment now that your dentist is unavailable.

Here are some reasons why you need to know an emergency dentist beforehand:

  • During an emergency, you do not have time to start researching or looking for a professional emergency dentist or emergency dental clinic in Oshawa that you can rush to. Dental emergencies are time-sensitive.
  • It ensures that you get treated faster. Because you have a dental emergency contact handy, you can call and notify them that you are on the way with a particular issue, and they will be ready to receive you when you arrive.
  • It will give you and your family peace of mind because you know you will be in good hands in case of an emergency.

What Dental Issues Can Be Classified As Emergencies?

Apart from knowing which emergency dentist to rush to for treatment, you need to know what dental issues can be resolved in emergency dentistry.

This will help you avoid unnecessary panic and rule out the possibility of making an unnecessary trip to urgent dental care near you.

Here are some of the dental issues that can be categorized as dental emergencies:

  • Severe toothaches
  • Dislodged or loose teeth
  • Broken, fractured, cracked or chipped teeth that are causing you some pain or discomfort
  • Trauma to the face or jaw
  • A toothache that goes along with a fever, tooth sensitivity, and swellings on the gums. This indicates an abscessed tooth.
  • Any injury on the mouth, lips, tongue or cheeks that results in bleeding
  • Any persistent pain in the gums
  • Broken jaw

What Are Some of the Common Dental Emergencies You Can Anticipate?

Here are some of the dental emergencies that we interact with regularly at our emergency dental clinic in Oshawa:

  • Abscessed Teeth

This is a life-threatening dental issue that occurs when a pus pocket forms within your tooth, leading to a severe infection. It is indicated by a severe toothache, pimple-like swellings on the gums surrounding the infected tooth, sensitivity, and fever.

In such a situation, you should rinse your mouth out with salty water; this helps to pull up the pus and also to alleviate the pain. Then make your way to our emergency dentist for prompt treatment.

  • Dislodged or Knocked-Out Teeth

This is a time-sensitive emergency that should be handled in less than 30 minutes after it has occurred.

The faster you get to our dentist, the higher the chances your tooth has of being preserved and remaining viable enough for reinserting.

In this scenario, you should pick up your tooth, rinse it out carefully without touching the root, try and put it back into its socket and keep it in place by biting it down.

If you fail to put it in its socket, then carry it in a cup of milk, to ensure it stays moist all the way to our dentist.

  • Cracked or Fractured Teeth

If this fracture causes you any pain, rush in to see our emergency dentist. You can apply a cold compress to alleviate facial swelling and take a pain killer as you make your way to our dentist for treatment.

  • Loose Permanent Tooth

Try and push the tooth gently back into its position; do not use excessive force. Bite down to keep it in place and come in for treatment.

  • Tissue Injuries and Lacerations

Cuts within or around your mouth can result in excessive bleeding. It would be best if you used gauze to apply some pressure to stop the bleeding then come in for treatment promptly.

When faced with an emergency dental issue, remember we are here for you. Visit us today at Conlin Dentistry and experience professional emergency care.

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