Tooth extraction and what you need to know about it

Tooth extraction and what you need to know about it

Apr 01, 2021

As the name suggests, wisdom tooth extraction is a process of removal of the wisdom teeth. The process is a surgical process done by a dentist involving the removal of permanent teeth from adults. It is the extraction of the any or all of the four permanent teeth in an adult that are located at the back corners of the mouth from the top and bottom of the mouth. Most of the time the procedure is occasioned by the lack of space for growth of the wisdom teeth causing pain and infection among other dental issues. In some cases, the extraction may be necessary for preventive purposes before the challenges associated with the problem are realized.

Reason for the extraction

There are a number of issues that may have you visit a dentist to have your teeth removed. The most permanent teeth that tend to erupt in the mouth are the wisdom and the third molar teeth. These teeth often appear at the ages between 17 years and 25 years. The teeth often appear normally but for those who have specific issues may require that they are removed to ensure that the integrity of the mouth and other expected conditions are prevented. Here are some of the reasons why you may have your teeth extracted.

  • Teeth that grow at angle towards the next tooth require to be extract. These are teeth that grow at an angle towards the second molar
  • Teeth that grow at an angle towards the hind part of the mouth require to be removed from the mouth.
  • Teeth that grow at a right angle with respect to the other teeth such that the wisdom teeth appears to be lying down with respect to the jawbone
  • Teeth that grow straight up or down but are trapped within the jawbone will need to be surgically extracted.

The problems that come with the teeth that justify their removal

The removal of these teeth is necessary because the problem that they bring need to be addressed. These sets of problem that require the pulling out of the teeth

  • Extensive pain that is indicative of some misalignment and problem with the teeth
  • Trapping of food and other debris behind the teeth that would result to tooth decay or gum disease
  • Gum inflection that affects the teeth and its connection to the jawbone
  • Observed tooth decay in the teeth that have just partially emerged
  • Damage that has occurred to the teeth that are nearby or that are around the bone
  • Compilation of the fluid-filled sac or cyst around the teeth
  • Orthodontic complications that require straightening of teeth

The removal

The extraction can be a simple extraction that is done within the office of the dentist. However, if the situation is complicated, the skills and expertise of oral surgeons maybe necessary. This is to ensure that the procedure is smooth and any complications can be rightfully handled. However, the process involves the simple removal of the affected teeth and the cleaning of the area that is left.

How you should prepare for the removal

The procedure is often an outpatient procedure implying that you should prepare to go home after the procedure. While you will receive information on how to prepare for the procedure, here are some of the ways that you should prepare for the process

  • Make arrangement for someone to pick you and take you home after the procedure
  • Know when your appointment is set and get ready
  • Contact your dental office on any issue that you should know before you are set for the procedure

It is important that qualified professionals carry out the extraction. Conlin Dentistry is one such dentist in Oshawa, ON that offers tooth extraction procedure in the right and reliable way. You can get tooth extraction near you if you need tooth extractions in Oshawa, ON especially wisdom teeth removal near you. if you are experiencing any of the mentioned situations and you would like to avoid the complications that come with bad teeth, then wisdom teeth removal is the best option with the right tooth extraction procedure. The procedure is a one day procedure that will allow you to spend the night at your house unless there are complications of which you will get the attention of the right professionals.

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