What to Expect During Your Child’s First Dental Visit?

What to Expect During Your Child’s First Dental Visit?

Jun 01, 2023

Do you know when your child should visit a dental office for the first time? If you are like many other parents, you probably think your child can receive the care they need from your regular dentist and not need help from a specialist like the kid’s dentist near you.

Are you aware that your child must get their first tooth thoroughly assessed by a pediatric dentist by their first birthday? Experts and regulatory bodies recommend children have their first dental checkup by their first birthday. However, you may find it challenging to comprehend why your child needs a dental visit so early. This article explains why children need early dental care and how to prepare their children for their first dental visit. We suggest you continue reading for essential information.

Importance of Early Dental Care

More than one in four children in Canada have a cavity by four, making it essential to begin caring for children’s teeth soon after their first tooth emerges or their first birthday. However, waiting until your child is three or four for their first exam will delay the benefits of preventive services. Therefore you must ensure you take your child for pediatric dental care no later than age one.

Tips for Preparing the Child for Their First Dental Visit

Children as young as one do not need special preparation when visiting dentists for the first time. Instead, you can expect a quick appointment with the pediatric dentist, spending most of the time discussing your child’s dental health with the professional.

You can expect to answer several questions the dentist will ask to identify risk factors that may impact your child’s dental health. In addition, you must prepare a list of your child’s medical conditions, diet and feeding practices, teething, habits like a pacifier and thumb sucking, brushing, fluoride exposure, et cetera.

Prepare to place your child in a knee-to-knee position for an examination, with the child’s dentist facing you and your child sitting on your lap to enable the dentist to view your child’s mouth clearly while your child looks up at you.

Expect the dentist from Children’s Dentistry in Oshawa, ON, to thoroughly assess the development and growth of the child’s teeth and oral tissues. If your child has dental plaque on their teeth, the dentist will clean them using a soft toothbrush and demonstrate proper techniques for cleaning. Your child may or may not receive topical fluoride treatments depending on their risk of tooth decay. If your child cries during the appointment is not a cause for concern because it is normal behaviour for their age.

After the dental exam, you will receive information about your child’s teething and development, preventing cavities, using fluoride appropriately, and diet and oral hygiene instructions and techniques to prevent dental accidents and trauma. It is an excellent time to ask questions, get them answered by the pediatric dentist, and finally inquire about your child’s risk factors and oral health status besides getting a follow-up visit. Dentists recommend routine examinations and cleanings at six-monthly intervals to ensure your child has healthy teeth and mouth.

Preparing Your Child for Dental Visits Later

Pediatric dental offices are unlike standard practice, with a reception, sitting area, and treatment room with stern-looking receptionists asking gruff questions. In stark contrast, children’s dentists make their offices kid-friendly by incorporating play areas, kid-friendly dental instruments and compassionate staff with adequate training on caring for children appropriately.

If you are taking your child to a new dentist, you are responsible for preparing them for a visit by giving information that the dentist will only look at their teeth and mouth to remove dangerous monsters in their mouth that might create pain and discomfort.

When you reach the dentist’s office with your child, they will likely not recollect why they are visiting the particular place because they become engrossed in the playful activities and the colourful theme of the dental office until they are examined by the dentist and receive a gift for cooperating during the exam.

As time passes, your child will probably inquire when to revisit the dentist’s office to meet their friendly dentist in Oshawa, ON and the staff besides enjoying the practice environment because they become accustomed to dental visits and start enjoying them.

If you are concerned about your child’s first dental visit taking them to Conlin Dentistry will help ease your fears. Besides examining and cleaning your child’s teeth, dentists provide information on managing your child’s dental appointments without concern.

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